About the Filmmaker

VictorVictor McGlothin, born and raised in Dallas, left a Vice President position with a National bank to pursue his dream of becoming a writer. In the past 13 years McGlothin has penned a monument of best selling fiction including 9 novels and 5 top-rated anthologies. Also a former contributor to D Magazine,McGlothin has utilized his creative gift to offer a welcomed multicultural perspective to readership across the racial spectrum. After experiencing successes as a respected novelist, Victor McGlothin turned his sights on screen writing. His profound knack for weaving dramatic tales of love, loss, redemption and laugh out loud comedy is the formula that Hollywood blockbusters are made of. Realizing the vast opportunity that exists in the Dallas area for film making, McGlothin has created Victory Vision LLC to share what North Texas has in abundance with the rest of the world.